About Us


For the past 30 years Tina has been passionate about baking sweets for family and friends putting a huge smile on their face. After diving into the culinary arts more seriously she decided to go to culinary school to perfect her skills. Tina has been making pie's for 20 years with a secret recipe. All of her friends and family recommended her to share them with the world and let everyone experience the most amazing deserts

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I am a native of San Diego and love living here in this beautiful city! Growing up, my parents owned a Greek restaurant. I spent many years working and helping at the restaurant. I learned so much about the food industry and loved it so much! My favorite part was always seeing the happiness in our customer’s faces when the enjoyed the delicious food, especially the desserts! Baklava, cheesecake and Black Forest cakes were the most popular.

Now, I get the best feeling when I present our customers with our delicious cakes and pastries. I love their smiles when they see our signature pink and white striped  baker boxes. Choosing a career that brings joy to people is the best career I can dream of having! Life is as sweet as you make it!

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